Catalina Swimwear

The company behind the Catalina swimwear is among the oldest manufacturers of apparel in the state of California and considered as one of the most popular brands of vintage swimwear in the industry. The brand now belongs to the widely popular brand name portfolio of the Warmaco Swimwear Group, and includes among others Anne Cole, Michael Kors, Nautica and Speedo.

Great Swimwear Finds in Catalina

Catalina is mainly womens swimwear and includes the rib suit popularly known as Everybody Tank, Separates, Maternity and Athletic lines. You can even find a Catalina plus size swimwear easily by browsing on the Catalina swimwear catalog.

Here are some of the most popular Catalina swimwear products that you can choose from:

  • Halter Top Bikini:

If you fancy yourself in a perfect two piece swimsuit, you should check out some of the halter top selections from Catalina. These comfortable swimsuits are designed with attractive triangle shape that has a halter back for ease in changing. The bikini will not expose your entire body but it is a good choice if you want to flaunt a little skin. The halter top is the perfect conservative option, no matter what kind of body you may have.

Catalina halter top bikinis are available in a wide variety of colors that include, green, blue, black, yellow, white and pink. The most important thing though is that you can put on a comfortable and elegant bikini without spending a fortune. The top and bottom parts of this Catalina swimwear can be bought at only 10 dollars each, and you may match and mix your styles. The halter top can also be bought in tankini form, if you like to have more coverage for your mid torso. The swimwear bottoms are reversible as well.

  • One Piece Swimsuit:

 If you like to enjoy the sand and sea in a cute one piece swimsuit, you are covered by dozens of Catalina one piece designs that are available on the market. This kind of Catalina swimwear include tank style, crossed back, crisscrossed bust line and spaghetti strap among others. Some of the sensational fashion options that are available include the classic one color design, zesty zebra prints and flashy florals. If you like to look slimmer in your swimsuit, there is the sided patterned one piece, which creates a toned and streamlined appearance. If you need more bust support, you can choose the bra top designs instead.

  • Clothing and Accessories that are Water Ready:

In addition to fabulous one pieces and bikinis, Catalina also has a line clothing and accessories that are water ready. Skirted swimsuit bottoms create a look that is almost dressy in various patterns. Casual dresses for the beach as well as cover ups are also available, which can be just what you need for a great stroll at the beach.

A Catalina swimwear outlet can be found mostly in Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and of course, the United States. Catalina swimwear is sold at Wal-Mart stores all over the United States and almost all products can be purchased at less than 30 dollars. You may also find them in other popular discount outlets such as Nordstrom, JC Penney and Macy’s.