How to Find the Perfect Types of Swimwear

When you are on the beach, the first thing you observe about women is that they are wearing different types of swimwear.  The industry of clothing now offers many types of them where women can choose according to what they prefer. There are women who choose one piece suit because they are a little bit conservative in showing their body parts to the public. Some are just not comfortable showing their stomach. There are those who dare to wear two-piece and have confidence in showing their body parts.

Two Main Types of Swimwear

  • Bikini. This is a sexy type of swimsuit that is mostly worn by women with almost perfect figure and very comfortable showing their body. The bikini has also various shapes and designs such as round or triangle shaped style. The top is mostly designed for cleavage to be exposed. The bottom can be either thong or string that covers the genital part.
  • Tankini. This type is similar to bikini but the tank top is mostly in traditional style. This type of swimwear is designed for women who are conscious with their upper body part. This swimwear has been one of the top selling swimwear in the market. This is because women prefer to buy individual piece of suits so they can match designs and colors than buying a set.  Due to the fact also that they often find one part fit while the other doesn’t. This can only cause disappointment.

How to Choose Your Swimwear?

It is important for woman to have a perfect fit swimwear. Due to many types of swimwear to pick from, it can’t be an easy task. Here are some of the tips that will help you.

  • Know the shape of your body so you will know what type best match on yourself.
  • Once you have already decided what suites you, you can now start looking what type will flatter your shape.
  • If you have a body that is in pear shape, try complementing your bust. This will take away the attention on your bottom. If you have a good shape of body but with large bust, you may try to wear a bold color one-piece swimsuit to put the attention on your curvy figure.

There are many types of swimwear in which you can fit.  Try researching on different brands such as the Catalina swimwear, until you find the perfect one.